The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine is affiliated with Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alberta Health Services-Calgary. The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (DPLM) comprises the medical and scientific staff for Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS). Throughout 2014 it was composed of 5 CLS Clinical Sections (n.b., a 6th Clinical Section was approved at the end of the year) and had 82 primary clinical MD appointees and 13 clinical PhD scientists. There were 28 members with University of Calgary GFT and 67 members with Clinical Faculty appointments.

Our Medical/Scientific staff are located at all 5 acute-care hospital sites, at CLS’ central laboratory facility the Diagnostic & Scientific Centre (DSC), and at the University of Calgary Health Sciences Centre, Heritage Medical Research Building, and Health Research Innovation Centre.


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